Are you putting Your Customers at Risk by Not Implementing the Right Credit Card Processing Solutions?

Credit Card Processing SolutionsAs more customers shift to using plastic money instead of paying for products and services with cash, it is becoming absolutely vital for big and small businesses to invest in credit card processing solutions. With such solutions, business owners can cater to more customers and make more sales, both on a daily basis and during the holiday season.

When it comes to making revenues, it is easy for business owners to become myopic. As they focus more on processing payments fast, they often overlook simple security risks that could be costly for them as well as for their customers, leading to:

  • Stolen client information
  • Fines
  • Card cloning
  • Having your credit card processingand acceptance privileges revoked

Security risks related to credit cards become high during and because of the following reasons:

§ The Busy Shopping Season

During the busy shopping season, when you’re dealing with a large volume of customers, you’re most likely to notice suspicious card related activities such as cloned cards. And as you’re busy processing more payments, you often fail to ask for customer identification during credit card purchases, making it much easier for thieves to use cloned cards, while putting your customers at risk.

§ Outdated Card Processing Equipment

Another major reason is the fact that many business owners don’t have access to the latest in card processing technologies such as EMV chip card readers. With old and outdated card terminals, it is easy for thieves to use stolen cards.

Best Credit Card Processing Steps That You Should Take to Keep Your Customers Secure

Don’t put your customers and business credibility at risk. Implement the following credit card processing steps to keep your customers secure:

ü Invest in EMV Chip and Card Reader

The EMV technology enables card service providers to utilize dynamic authentication procedures to serve clients. By providing your clients with EMV card payment solution, you can secure them from the card related payment frauds as your customers won’t have to share their credit or debit card numbers which can otherwise be easily stolen by hackers. The chip technology basically generates a unique and encrypted security code which is hard for hackers to read and take advantage off, thus protecting your customers from all sorts of card processing risks.

ü Follow PCI Security Standards

To deliver your customers with the safe shopping experiences, make sure to comply with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Solutions. With these security measures in place, you can process, store and also, transmit card information in a secure environment.

ü Work with a Reliable Card Processing Solution Service Provider

Make sure to work with a reliable card processing solution service provider who can provide you with innovative, scalable and updated card payment processing tools, according to your company transactional needs and dynamic business environment.

When it comes to a reliable card payment processing partner, Easy Processing Solutions is a name you can trust. For quick and innovative card terminals and technologies like EMV, get in touch with us today. Call at 1-844- 640-9703.

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