Chip and Pin Reader

Getting Paid Gets Easier With Our EMV Credit Card Readers!

We provide businesses with everything they need to accept payments with chip and pin credit cards! From EMV credit card readers to card processing solutions, we have provided businesses with leading chip and pin credit cards payment systems.

In the wake of several wide-spread data breaches and increasing counterfeit card frauds, it has now become more important than ever for businesses to protect themselves, facilitate their consumers and reduce costs associated with fraud. Credit cards with chip and pin are a new and improved way to improve payment security. Is your business ready to take this important step forward?

Chip and pin reader come with a learning curve for merchants. Switching to EMV does offer great protection against frauds, but for it to truly be effective, you need new in-store technology and strong internal processing systems that are in agreement with new liability rules. This is where we come in!

More merchants from across the world are accepting chip credit card transactions. Whether you facilitate check outs via chip technology, or use card swipes to get the job done, it is time to upgrade the systems to ensure that your customers pay with confidence.

Chip and Pin Card Readers: We Can Guide You Right!

These smart cards are embedded with a chip that stores encrypted data. Your EMV-enabled card reader will read this secure data to validate the authenticity of the card holder. The transaction authorization process via an EMV-enabled card reader uses a process known as dynamic authentication and requires the PIN to prove that the customer is indeed the card owner.

So when a customer pays with a chip and pin credit card, your EMV-enabled reader will quickly identify them as authentic and immediately approve the payment.

As industry leaders in integrating EMV payment solutions, we are your trusted partners. We have years of experience helping businesses around the country convert to EMV, and upgrade their payment processing services with state-of-the-art hardware, software and managed services.

Take a look at our extensive range of products, and order your chip and pin card readers with us for complete peace of mind!